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Travel program


Day 1 - Arrival, northern lights tour
You travel individually to Luleå (Sweden). There are good flight connections over Stockholm. You should arrive no later than 1.30 p.m. at Luleå airport. We pick you up at the airport and drive in a minibus to the Norrsken Lodge in Övertorneå, where we will stay during our trip.
After we checked in to our accommodation, we go to the Arctic circle, which is very near and photograph the sunset.
Before dinner at Norrsken Lodge, we sit together with a pleasant drink and get to know each other.
If the weather is good, we will already be on the search for the first northern lights afterwards.


Day 2 - Visit to the reindeer farm, northern lights tour
Today we will visit a reindeer farm, where you can well observe the animals, feed, and photograph them. We will have lunch on the farm in the Sami - Grill House and take a sleigh ride with the reindeer through the
snow-covered landscape. Dinner is served at the Norrsken Lodge and then we go on to the second northern lights tour.


Day 3 - Sunrise, image review, ice fishing, northern lights tour
After breakfast we want to catch the sunrise and then spend the morning at the seminar room of Norrsken Lodge to look at the pictures we have made so far, go through your individual needs and discuss photographic topics of your choice. (E.g., long exposures, use of filters, photographing at night etc.).
Enjoy the afternoon free at Norrsken Lodge, go ice fishing on the Torne river, take a walk along the river or relax at the sauna.
After dinner, we will go on another tour, and wait for the northern lights.


Day 4 - Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi
After breakfast at Norrsken Lodge, we travel to the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. There, we will have a tour of the hotel and can photograph this extraordinary place. Lunch will be served at the Ice hotel.
In the late afternoon we go back to Övertorneå to a relaxed evening with photographing northern lights on the river.


Day 5 - Dog sledding, northern lights tour
Today the day begins a little later and you can sleep in. After a late breakfast, we will visit a sled dog station and take a cozy ride on the sled through the snow-covered woods. We will photograph the beautiful landscape and discuss the images at Norrsken Lodge afterwards.
When the northern lights show after dinner, we will of course try to capture them photographically.


Day 6 - Wilderness Tour
Today is devoted to nature. We spend the day on the Wilderness tour and go on the elk path, looking for the Golden Eagle and find the Bieber. On the tour, we are on foot (snow shoes) and by car and meet the natural forest. Drinks, snacks, and food are provided.
We will enjoy dinner again at Norrsken Lodge, can recover and review our impressions of the day.


Day 7 - Snowmobile tour, sunset
Today we will rapidly pass through the landscape. We will take a tour on the snowmobile and look for animals and extraordinary landscapes. Upon our return, hopefully a beautiful sunset wait for us and we spend a final evening at Norrsken Lodge with a fine meal and a possible visit to the Sauna or Hot-Tub.


Day 8 - Return journey
After a final image discussion and feedback round, you be transferred again to Luleå airport, where you travel home.


Prices and services per person

Single room 8 days/7 nights                     

Double room 8 days/7 nights                   

3-bed cabin 8 days/7 nights                      

The price includes:

  • Transfer from/to the airport Luleå (Sweden)
  • Overnights with full board
  • Warm clothing for outdoor activities will be provided
  • Transfer /admissions to all photo sites
  • Evening tours to the northern lights
  • Photo tours accompanied by Photographer Susan Brunner
  • Intensive care and teaching, as well as photo documentation
  • Sauna, hot tub use

The price not includes:

  • Flight to Luleå (Sweden)
  • Personal expenses
  • Snacks
  • Personal warm clothing
  • Camera equipment
  • Cancellation costs insurance
  • Travel accident insurance

Travel dates

Saturday - Saturday
02. - 09. February 2019

CHF 3490.-

CHF 3190.-

CHF 2930.-

General Information

For whom is this photo tour suitable?
The photo tour is perfect for beginners and advanced Photographers. No specific prior knowledge is required.
The photo sites are all more or less reached by car, and we will not be taking great hikes.

Group size
So that our Photographer Susan Brunner can pay enough attention to all participants of the group, the number of people on this photo tour is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum 10 persons.

Photo equipment

  • A DSLR(single lens reflex camera)- or DSLM (mirrorless single lens camera), at which time, Aperture and ISO values can be set manually
  • Lenses with wide-angle (at least 24 mm) to telephoto 200 mm or more would be ideal
  • A tripod is a must!
  • Remote- or cable release for long exposure times
  • UV, polarization - and grey filter are recommended
  • Sufficient replacement batteries with charger 220 volt, 2 international PIN.
  • (Please note: at low temperatures batteries discharge faster)
  • Enough memory cards
  • Laptop and backup for your images and processing
  • Flashlight

Norrsken Lodge provides warm clothing for the outdoor activities. It can be very cold in the winter, therefore we recommend warm underwear and warm outdoor clothing for very low temperatures. Well past and warm hiking boots with appropriate sole, wind jacket and thermal trousers, gloves, hat, scarf, well insulated boots and warm socks are also recommended for your comfort.
The Norrsken Lodge features a hot tub and sauna. Bring your swimwear.

Tour guide
Photo guide:  Susan Brunner, photographer.

                     Teaching in German and English language.
Tour:             Norrsken Lodge and other local service providers

                     in German and English language.

Book the photo tour through the website
Susan Brunner, Hofstrasse 26, 8730 Uznach, Switzerland

phone +41 076 502 00 95

Arrival/departure and transfer to the hotel
You travel individually to Luleå (Sweden). There are good flight connections over Stockholm.You should arrive no later than 1.30 p.m. at Luleå airport. We pick you up at the airport and bring you back to the airport again.
Departing flights should be booked for early afternoon.

Accommodation and meals
The Norrsken Lodge Matarengivägen 58 Övertorneå, Sweden under Swiss leadership offers accommodation with full board in a single or double room, as well as in 3-bed cabins.

Terms of payment
Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a deposit of 40% of the invoice amount is payable within 14 days.
The payment for the remaining amount has to be made no later than 60 days prior to departure.
If you book your travel less than 60 days before departure, the entire invoice amount is immediately due for payment.

Refund in case of cancellation
More than 60 days prior to departure: 80% refund
(20% are processing fees, which can be not refunded)

Up to 40 days prior to departure: 50% refund

Up to 20 days before departure: 25% refund

Under 20 days prior to departure: No refund



A trip cancellation insurance is not included in our travel cost and is responsibility of the participant.
The liability of the travel, transport, and air carriers is limited. In case of emergency can very high Hospital-,
and rescue costs, etc. occur. We therefore recommend a travel accident insurance to ensure your costs will be covered.

For your luggage, photo equipment and personal belongings you are responsible and should have insured your belongings accordingly. The organizers of the photo tour reject any liability.


Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions of apply

8 days/7 nights winter-photo tour to the northern lights

in the heart of Swedish Lapland


Visit Swedish Lapland in winter. Experience beautiful snowy forest landscapes, frozen rivers and watch the mystical northern lights as they dance across the sky. A fast paced ride by snowmobile or a cozy dog sledding tour let you see the heart of Swedish Lapland from a magical perspective.
Visit a reindeer farm and observe elk in the wild. Cross the Arctic circle and pay a visit to the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. Relax with ice fishing on the Torne river or in the sauna at Norrsken Lode in Övertorneå.

This time of year is ideal for photo tours to see the northern lights.
We would like you to have the necessary time to choose the right subjects and camera settings. We are on your side and the experienced Swiss Photographer Susan Brunner shows you how your photographs can hold the beautiful natural landscapes and northern lights and accompanies you to the different locations.

Tour guide in German and English.

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L​ook forward to an incredible Journey to the northern lights

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